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How to Buy Flowers:

An Opinion

As many of you already know, there are a lot of changes occurring in the floral industry. For a number of years, big-name floral network services provided customers easy access to florist shops through the Internet. It was a wonderful time. Customers were given the convenience of ordering and sending flowers from their desktop computer creating a surge of orders for the mom-and-pop florist shops around the country. Everybody got what they wanted: the customer got the convenience of the Internet and saved a trip to their local florist; the big-name floral network service providers got a percentage of each sale; and, the small mom-and-pop florist shops received more orders so they can feed themselves – everybody won.   So, what happened?


As time moved forward, costs moved up for the big-name floral network service providers.  Unlike the other dot-coms, since they don’t provide the floral merchandise to the customer directly but rely on small mom-and-pop florist shops to provide the flowers, the big-name floral networks passed their costs onto the small mom-and-pop shops and not the consumer like other dot-coms did as prices rose. In this scenario, the big-named middlemen maintained their profitability while the small floral shops started losing money – drip by drip.  The small shops with all the talent were left doing all the work: cleaning flowers, making floral arrangements, arranging delivery, restocking, and in some cases, having to let employees go because their costs continued to climb. All the expenses and rising costs were pushed down to the mom-and-pop shops.  It’s a shame; who will save them?  The 21st-century customer with their smartphones!  Here’s how…


With the advent of the smartphone in the hands of a 21st-century customer, the big-name middleman can be eliminated, and the viability of mom-and-pop floral shops can be revived. Here’s how to buy flowers in the 21st century and receive what you want in three easy steps and get more flowers for your money!


Step One, whether you are buying the flowers for yourself or sending them to a loved one, simply use this search terms in your internet browser: “Florist [City Name] ZIP” and see the florist shops in the local area where you plan to buy or send the flowers.  It’s so simple.


Step Two, call and deal directly with the mom-and-pop florist shop on your cell phone (since long-distance charges are a thing of the past) or use their website and place the order directly with that shop. I always advocate calling and talking to your florist directly.  The small shops are the flower experts.  They can tell you what is available in stock on short notice, provide you with special ordered arrangements (who wants to send the same old stuff – send something unique, challenge your floral designer), or have something different made just for yourself the way you like it and the colors you want (the big-name middleman can’t help you there).  When you buy direct, you’ve cut out the middleman and you can expect more flowers for your money.   Dealing directly with the mom-and-pop shop is critical because the little mom-and-pop shop won’t have to pay a percentage to middleman networks, and the customer can get what they wanted in the first place: more flowers for their money.


Step Three, if you like what you received from the mom-and-pop flower shop, or the person you sent the flowers calls and tells you how beautiful the flowers are, take the time to write an online review. It is so important that you share your good experience with other 21st century customers because not all flower shops are as good as others. This is where your rating really matters to other customers needing flowers, and it gives you the consumer the power to promote those mom-and-pop shops skilled in their craft.


That’s all there is to it – three steps: Internet search the terms “Florist” “City Name” and the “ZIP code” together to find a local florist shop where you’re sending the flowers or where you plan to buy; call them directly and order your flowers cutting out the middleman; and, write a review to promote good work that others may benefit.


Thanks for listening :-)